Pest Control - Bed Bugs

Dont Let Them Take over your home

Do You have a Bed Bugs Infestation Problem?

Warning: Bed bugs will try to multiply quickly, so detecting the scope of the problem and early treatment of the infestation is crucial to help prevent the growth of the bug infestation in your home or business.

Get in contact with us, we are your local pest control company, we also recommend you to tell your property management company or landlord if you are renting, so we can ensure the treatment effective in the rest of the building if necessary.

Did you know that Female Bed Bugs can lay five eggs every day, also they can reproduce up to 500 times within their life span? If Bed Bugs stay in normal room temperature and have enough food available to feed, some bed bugs can live as long as a whole year



Bed Bug Infestation Signs

Bed Bug Bites -  irritation and redness in patches of the skin causing swelling and itching are signs for concern.

Citing the bed bugs – fully grown bed bugs look like apple seeds because of their shape, colour and size of up to 5mm. They are bronze in colour and more reddish after feeding on blood.

Skin shells. As the young bug grows into an adult bug, it will shed its skin leaving behind evidence of its presence.

Excretion -  When bed bugs urinate or emit droppings, they leave behind evidence visible on waterproof surfaces as black or brown little droppings and residue.


  • Keep your home clutter free so bed bugs find it hard to hide
  • Wash your clothing and fabrics at high temperatures and avoid drying fabrics on radiators around the effected property
  • Avoid second hand furnishings
  • Clean and check your property regularly



Bed Bug Facts

Bed bugs will only feed on blood

Bed bugs can live up to a year without a single meal

Bed bugs are nocturnal creatures

Bed bugs are great at hiding during the day

Bed Bugs belong to the family of Cimicidae

Get professional help for bed bugs

GB Pest Management are experts in efficiently exterminating the infestation of Bed Bugs in your home and place of work.

We promise that our quotations for bed bug pest control will be very competitive and we guarantee the highest standard of workmanship.


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