Wasp Control

Wasp Control

The most common species of wasp to infest residential and commercial properties in Britain are Vespula vulgaris, the Common Wasp, Vespula germanica, the German wasp, and Vespa crabro, the European hornet. Queen wasps emerge from hibernation in Springtime, as the mercury reaches 10°C, and embark upon the solitary phase. The Queen, having mated in the previous Summer, begins to search for food, gather nest-building materials and look for a suitable place to establish the colony. A hollow tree or bird box in the garden are preferred locations for building nests as are roof cavities and the eaves of buildings. GB Pest Management are experts at removing wasp nests from infested properties.

The reasons for using a pest control company.

Removing wasp nests from infested properties should only be performed by trained pest control technicians due to the inherent dangers posed by the stinging insects. The colony will grow over the Summer months, passing through a series of nest building phases, and at its climax may contain 12,000 individuals. A roof gap or an opened window is all the Queen needs to enter a building and establish a nest in a loft or a spare room and accidentally disturbing a colony can lead to disastrous results. Wasp sting venom can cause life-threatening anaphylactic shock making the safe removal of wasp nests from human habitations a potential matter of life-or-death.

The benefits of using a professional pest control service.

Amateur attempts at wasp control by untrained persons are often unsuccessful, putting the amateur practitioner in harm's way and heightening the danger posed by the colony once it feels it is under threat. The professional pest control technicians at GB Pest Management, on the other hand, have received the necessary training required to remove wasp nests without injury to themselves or others, possess the correct equipment to perform wasp removal treatment and have a profound knowledge in the field gained through experience. Wasp nest removal treatment should always be left to the experts who have protective clothing, professional control chemicals and nest removal instruments to do a proper job.

Other pest types GB Pest Management deals with.

GB Pest Management are trained and equipped to deal with a wide range of pest types besides wasps, offering professional solutions to bird, insect and rodent problems. Rats and mice cause issues throughout the year, especially in Winter when they migrate into warm buildings, and there have been several alarming reports recently of rat attacks on humans. GB Pest Management can get rid of problem birds like pigeons with the use of birds-of-prey and are capable of controlling a range of insect infestations including fleas.