Bird Control

Bird Control

Birds nesting in your roof or chimney can be a real pain because they are surprisingly destructive. They can block guttering, ventilation holes and chimney flues, cause damage to the property when nest building and generally make a nuisance of themselves – all things that are incredibly undesirable whatever your location. Another thing to consider is the fact that because they do things like block chimney flues, they cause potential health hazards such as fire or suffocation with the material they stuff into holes that they may use for nest building.

There are a number of techniques that can be used to manage bird activity in or around your property and the type that would be recommended will be dependent on factors such as the nature of the problem and the location of the birds. One method is to place specially designed spikes on the affected areas, such as ledges, chimneys and near guttering. The spikes are not designed to harm the birds, they are actually blunt and spring-loaded which means that they ensure the birds are always tipped off-balance and are unable to get settled in that area; they have no choice but to move on.

Another option is to use netting to cover areas that are attractive to troublesome birds, it is designed to prevent them from being able to land properly which therefore means they cannot get comfortable and start roosting – this method tends to be used when smaller birds are causing the problems, it is not generally recommended for bigger, stronger birds like seagulls.

One of the best ways to protect your chimney, or any similar flue that exits through the top or side of a property, is to have a protective cage fitted that will make it impossible for the birds to enter the cavity in the first place. There are a number of different ones available and the one you have installed will depend on the nature of the bird problem, as well as the size and type of the chimney or flue.

As with all pest control problems, dealing with birds and having preventative measures installed should always be done by a professional. The reasons for this are simple: firstly, you can be assured that the job is done properly and with the best quality materials, and secondly, you will save money because having the job done properly first time means that you don’t waste money constantly topping up and fixing temporary, non-professional treatments.

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